Reissue, originally released in 1973. Sonor Music Editions announces a previously unknown Italian library killer session from the golden era -- Rhythm And Sound by the mysterious Mandrassi & Zollinger, backed by I Beati studio band. Mandrassi, alias for Anna Maria Assunta Andreassi, is one of the very first female composers of library music in Italy while Zollinger is linked to Sergio Pagano, brother of the famed Italian author, composer and singer Mario Pagano. Originally released in 1973 for the private studio label Ludo Record, this album remained in the obscurity for almost 50 years. It's so rare that only very few hardcore record collectors know it, it was thought to not have existed at all. Countless breaks galore, filled with outstanding funk grooves, and chasing beats. The jam sounds like a missing link between The Fine Machine's Habitat and Arawak's legendary Accadde a... recordings, with its up-tempo rhythms allover and the coolest funky instrumentation played by a mysterious studio group.

01. Clavibeat (3:10)
02. Sax Rock (2:44)
03. Blue Sax (3:49)
04. Moog Rock (3:09)
05. Moog Yet (3:56)
06. Rhythm And Sound (2:09)
07. Rhythm And Sound N.2 (3:56)
08. Rhythm Five (3:51)
09. Rhythm And Sound N.3 (3:17)
10. Clavi Rock (2:57)
11. Mysterious (2:52)

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