And last but not least, after two years of absence from our catalog, the most loved horror soundtrack by Fabio Frizzi fans returns to the fore, none other than Zombie 2, published in this super edition, on which we have been working for over 5 years, with the American title Zombie Flesh Eaters.
Always combined with the soundtrack of Cat in the brain, now, finally, in an edition that enjoys the incredible contribution given by the unpublished material discovered in a private archive of Ribot. One of the most loved scores ever, by those who follow us, to quote Galadriel, with desperation, as the material we were in possession of, while containing a significant portion of the soundtrack, was largely incomplete.
With the music contained in this unreleased tape and with the addition of the song There's no matter, which is heard at the beginning of the film during the investigation of the two protagonists on the boat under impoundment, we can say that this is the definitive edition of this one. sensational soundtrack, which marks a notable artistic evolution of the Maestro, in addition to the consolidation of his collaborative relationship with Lucio Fulci.

In this version we offer it on a 180 gram BLACK LP, gatefold cover with the iconic zombie of the American poster on the cover, and inner envelope printed with the production notes of Antonella Fulci, Fabio Frizzi and Daniele De Gemini, mastering by Enrico De Gemini.

A side
01. Zombi 2 (Seq. 1) 3:57
02. Zombi 2 (Seq. 2) 3:10
03. Zombies 2 (Seq. 3) 2:32
04. Zombies 2 (Seq. 4) 2:31
05. Zombies 2 (Seq. 5) 1:21
06. Zombies 2 (Seq. 6) 3:02
07. Zombies 2 (Seq. 7) 3:06

B side
01. Zombies 2 (Seq. 8) 3:02
02. There is no matter 4:39
03. Zombies 2 (Seq. 9) 2:56
04. Zombies 2 (Seq. 10) 1:25
05. Zombies 2 (Seq. 11) 4:00
06. Zombies 2 (Seq. 12) 2:58

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