2024 repress. Originally only available on an ultra-rare Japanese bootleg, Mirurmir announces the first official issue of the groundbreaking and mind-blowing soundtrack to Tarkovsky's masterpiece, Solaris. Composed by the electronic music pioneer, Edward Artemiev, Solaris was the first project in what proved to be a fruitful collaboration between director and composer. An absolutely essential piece of electronic music and Russian cinema history, lovingly reissued in a gorgeous gatefold package including previously unseen photos from the Tarkovsky archives and a cover pulled from the Italian poster for the film.

Remastered from the original film soundtrack and pressed on high quality 180-gram vinyl.

A1. Part I (2:48)
A2. Part II (2:32)
A3. Part III (2:22)
A4. Part IV (3:13)
A5. Part V (2:27)
A6. Part VI (7:18)
A7. Part VII (3:55)
B1. Part VIII (2:56)
B2. Part IX (1:26)
B3. Part X (0:38)
B4. Part XI (2:09)
B5. Part XII (1:42)
B6. Part XIII (4:44)
B7. Part XIV (0:44)
B8. Part XV (4:36)
B9. Part XVI (6:19)
B10. Part XVII (1:21)

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MIR 100705LP

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