This Record Store Day 20th anniversay super cool deluxe soundtrack of the 1996 Quentin Tarentino/Robert Rodriquez film will arrive with a new image and blood splattered vinyl, gatefold packaging and a cool etching on the 4th side of this two lp set.

  • Limited to 5000 copies, each one is individually numbered. No Martin guitars were hurt in the pressing of this record.

1. "Everybody Be Cool" – 0:04
Dialogue extract, performed by George Clooney as Seth Gecko
2. "Dark Night" (Dave Alvin) – 3:48
Performed by The Blasters
3. "Mexican Blackbird " (Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill, Frank Beard) – 3:03
Performed by ZZ Top
4. "Texas Funeral" (David Vaught) – 2:32
Performed by Jon Wayne
5. "Foolish Heart" (Raul Malo and Evan York) – 3:32
Performed by The Mavericks
6. "Would You Do Me a Favor?" – 0:11
Dialogue extract performed by Juliette Lewis and Quentin Tarantino as Kate Fuller and Richie Gecko
7. "Dengue Woman Blues" (Jimmie Vaughan) – 6:23
Performed by Jimmie Vaughan
8. "Torquay" (George Tomsco) – 2:41
Performed by The Leftovers
9. "She's Just Killing Me" (Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill, Frank Beard) – 4:55
Performed by ZZ Top
10. "Chet's Speech" – 0:42
Dialogue extract performed by Cheech Marin as Chet Pussy
11. "Angry Cockroaches (Cucarachas Enojadas)" (Tito Larriva and Peter Atanasoff) – 5:14
Performed by Tito & Tarantula
12. "Mary Had a Little Lamb" (Buddy Guy) – 4:15
Performed by Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble
13. "After Dark" (Tito Larriva and Steven Hufsteter) – 4:11
Performed by Tito & Tarantula
14. "Willie the Wimp (And His Cadillac Coffin)" (Bill Carter and Ruth Ellsworth) – 4:34
Performed by Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble
15. "Kill the Band" – 0:05
Dialogue extract performed by Tom Savini as Sex Machine
16. "Mexican Standoff" (Graeme Revell) – 0:49
17. "Sex Machine Attacks" (Graeme Revell) – 1:22
18. (Untitled) – 0:28[2]
Hidden track; dialogue extract performed by Cheech Marin as Chet Pussy
19. "Bonus Tracks; from in the music video Engel
Performed by Rammstein featuring Bobo

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