Original soundtrack to the critically acclaimed feature film 'The Ranger' (SXSW World Premiere Opening Night Frightfest London Official Selection of Sitges Acquired by AMC Entertainments Shudder for a 2019 release) Set to the beat of a killer punk soundtrack (FANG, The Avengers, The Grim, Rotten UK and more) and presented in eye-popping neon colors, Jenn Wexler's debut offers a modern take on survivalist horror that both celebrates and subverts the genre's tropes--with equal parts humor, glitter and gore. "Though THE RANGER is a tribute to the slime and grime of classic punk movies, it's very much a modern film, splitting the difference between the heightened exploitation of CLASS OF 1984 and the unflinching brutality of 2015's GREEN ROOM." -- Daily Grindhouse "[P]romises a Technicolor bloodbath in the woods and it absolutely delivers." -- Rue Morgue "THE RANGER is one of the most punk horror movies that has ever punked." -- Bloody Disgusting

01. Charlie Rich - The Most Beautiful Girl
02. Rotten UK - Animal Sacrifice
03. Rotten UK - Long Kiss Goodbye
04. Rotten UK - Siouxsie Sioux
05. Rotten UK - Dark Times
06. Shayfer James - Two Dollars and a Dime
07. The Grim - Cop Killer
08. The Avengers - Teenage Rebel
09. The Avengers - The Good, The Bad and The Kowalskis
10. The Polyester Wags - Stockton (Full of Gold)
11. Ronnie Masters - The Days Never End (And The Nights Keep Coming Too Soon)
12. The Polyester Wags - Stockton (Full of Gold)
13. The Atom Age - It's a Mess
14. Fang - We Die Alone
15. The Authorities - Shot in the Head
16. The Nerv - Truth Be Told
17. Dayglo Abortions - Used to Be In Love
18. The Lobstrosities - Gasher
19. Bud Perry - Alone Again
20. Wade MacNeil/Andrew Gordon Macpherson - Ranger Original Score

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