At last, and after much trepidation, Beat Generation present the final volume of a three-volume set presenting the finest '60s and '70s cuts from essential Argentinian label Music Hall. Finally, and thanks to the hard work of the fine folks at Instituto Nacional de la Música de Argentina (INAMU) and the amazing selection job of Nekro (Fun People and Boom Boom Kid). This final volume presents tracks from both decades with a great selection of hot sounds ranging from pure unaltered wild rock n' roll to psychedelia, Latin sounds, visceral hard rock, soul, or funk. Can't miss this final installment, the cherry on top of an amazing set! Features Séptima Brigada, Horacio Ascheri, Freddy Luciano, Jackie, Los Azzurros, Bobby Cuatro, Rocky Pontoni, Ana Román, Materia Gris, Billy Bond Y La Pesada, Luz De Mercurio, Escalation, The Sound & Company, Kubero Díaz Y La Pesada, Cuero, Dedos, and Detroit.

01. Ángel Se Hizo Un Globo 02:52
02. Picada Especial 02:05
03. Toma El Camino 01:39
04. Agitese, Sacudase, Enrollese 02:00
05. El Volcán 02:14
06. Bailemos Clam 02:21
07. Amor 02:05
08. Loca Loca 02:09
09. Soñé 03:55
10. Salgan Al Sol 02:54
11. Mujer Extraña 03:01
12. Recordando 02:06
13. Sound & Sound 03:11
14. Todo Es Todo 02:55
15. No Sé Si Voy A Enloquecer 03:52
16. Dedos 03:36
17. Funk 49 03:12

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