A collection of rare tracks for the very first time on vinyl. A series of '70s and early '80s musical sketches used for advertisement, TV series and movies. A who's who of the Italian golden age of soundtrack and libraries era, featuring outstanding numbers by maestro Ennio Morricone, Alessandro Alessandroni, Sandro Brugnolini and the likes. Also features Luigi Zito, Teimar, Massimo Guantini, Berto Pisano, Tito Schipa Jr., Giovanni Tommaso, and Armando Trovaioli.

A1. Alessandro Alessandroni/Sandro Brugnolini - American Sound (2:18)
A2. Ennio Morricone - Colpi DI Piume E Tempesta (4:31)
A3. Luigi Zito - Dolce Notte (3:15)
A4. Sandro Brugnolini/Teimar/Massimo Guantini - Scorrevole (2:07)
A5. Berto Pisano - Il Caso Bebawi (4:47)
B1. Tito Schipa Jr./Giovanni Tommaso - Policeman (2:27)
B2. Sandro Brugnolini/Teimar/Massimo Guantini - Evanescenze Iridescenti (3:10)
B3. Alessandro Alessandroni/Sandro Brugnolini - Vortice (2:54)
B4. Massimo Guantini - Wild Morning (4:19)
B5. Sandro Brugnolini/Teimar/Massimo Guantini - Discotime (3:17)
B6. Armando Trovaioli - Macchina D'Amore (1:44)

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