The 80s and 90s was an innovative and exciting time for pinball as the music and playfields evolved to incorporate the electronic innovations rising from the reign of the video game and computer industry.

A time when music moved from the background to the forefront of game play becoming an integral element of the feel and kinetic nature of pinball where no two games will ever be exact.

These collections of original electronic music from classic BallyTM/WilliamsTM pinball tables feature songs from many of the most popular games of this era.

The pinball industry exploded during the pandemic with new companies and games entering the market. Making Pinball the new hot throwback resurgence with barcades, tournaments and arcade museums opening across the globe.

  • Music from original 1980/90’s BallyTM/WilliamsTM Pinball Machines
  • First time ever released
  • Pressed on Lime Green Vinyl

01. Funhouse (Side A: track 1-8)
02. Medieval Madness (Side A: track 9-15)
03. Theatre Of Magic (Side A: track 16-23)
04. Banzai Run (Side B: track 1-6)
05. Fish Tales (Side B: track 7-15)

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