Back in print on white vinyl! Italia Synthetica 1981-1985 represents the musical mutation that occurred after the post-punk hangover gave way to more frigid emotional shores, in-line with the synth-wave moment that was sweeping Europe and the white cliffs of Albion. This scene flourished in Italy between 1981-1985, and the musicians that came out of it are still revered today (particularly in the US). Robotic rhythms and intuitions that, besides sharing common ground with the electronic movements that had come before, also knew how to fill up the dancefloor. Featuring four previously unreleased tracks by Der Blaue Reiter, along with tracks by Modo, Actor's Studio, and La Maison, as well as the still fresh sounding contributions by true pioneers of the genre Neon and Naif Orchestra. Also features Ein-st-ein, Scortilla, Eurotunes, Oh Oh Art, and 2+2=5 featuring Paolo Mauri.

01. Neon Lobotomy 01:00 listen
02. Der Blaue Reiter Lights Off
03. Ein-st-ein Vasavia
04. Modo Niagara Falls
05. Actor's Studio Dancing Alone
06. La Maison Bells In The Night
07. Scortilla YHW
08. Eurotunes Swimming Pool Motion
09. Oh Oh Art It's Just A Movie Soundtrack
10. Naif Orchestra Check Out Five
11. 2+2=5 featuring Paolo Mauri Haiku
12. Jeunesse Di'voire Days
13. Fockewulf 190 We Are Colder
14. State Of Art Your Eyes
15. N.O.I.A. Forbidden Planet
16. 2+2=5 Mathematic 'N Logarythm

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