Sound Miracle Recordings presents precocious noise and early electronica part one. A compilation delving into the fascinating world of primal electronica, noise, sound design, industrial, avant-garde and tape-music. This set hopes to be the gateway to a completely new revolutionary sound experience. These are relics with much to say to the contemporary listener as they sound impossibly way ahead of their and our time(s). Here are demonstrations of techniques and sound systems that shaped modern music as we know it today. These are the first examples ever to loop a track, play it in reverse, or use a host of other effects which are all so common tools for musicians of today. Some examples here can be considered as of some of the earliest forms of New Age too, where artists used raw techniques to make some of the first intentionally ambient and hypnotic music. The selections start in the 1920s and end in the early 1960s. The songs are sequenced to give a coherent and surprisingly easy way to enjoy and appreciate a music field that can otherwise be baffling. Presented on audiophile transparent clear vinyl with a CD included. Fully remastered tracks by Tom Dissevelt & Kid Baltan, Remi Gassmann, Max Mathews, The Blue Men, Attilio Mineo, Bülent Arel, Daphne Oram, Alwin Nikolais, György Litegi, Ussachevsky/Luening, Henk Badings, Phil Young and Gottfriend Koening.

A1. Tom Dissevelt & Kid Baltan - Whirling
A2. Remi Gassmann - Declamation
A3. Max Mathews - May Carol
A4. The Blue Men - Magnetic Field
A5. Attilio Mineo - Man in Art
A6. Bülent Arel - Electronic Music No.1
A7. Daphne Oram - Band 5: Rhythmic Variation
B1. Alwin Nikolais - Glymistry
B2. György Litegi - Articulation
B3. Ussachevsky/Luening - Incantation for Tape
B4. Ussachevsky/Luening - Invention in Twelve Tones
B5. Henk Badings - Arioso
B6. Phil Young - Science & Industry
B7. Gottfriend Koening - Klank_guren

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