The sunny side of ESTERNO, between warm rhythms, percussions, bossanova, wah wah guitars, psychedelic flutes and explosive synth sounds.
Musiche leggere e gaie [Light and joyful music] - to use the title of a collection from the RCA SP series in which some of these tracks could have ended.
Listening to the record, you can perfectly breathe the unmistakable atmosphere of certain movies of that time: a luxurious world of cocktail parties by the pool, countryside escapes, and scuba diving. Sets that could have been easily found in a variety of genres, from cool ‘musicarelli’ and mondo-movies to sexy comedies, thriller, poliziotteschi and TV

ESTERNO GIORNO D’ESTATE brings together unreleased material and tracks from a number of hard-to-find library music LPs. Among the artists featured are: Carlo Pes & i Marc 4, Alberto Baldan Bembo, Stelvio Cipriani, Alessandro Alessandroni, Nico Fidenco and Gianni Oddi.

A1. Mario Migliardi - Pensiero D'Amore | M1 (Titoli)
A2. Bruno Zambrini - Crociera Verso il Sud
A3. Silvano D’Auria - Porto Cammelli
A4. Bruno Lauzi - Incontro
A5. Gianni Oddi, Gianni Dell’Orso - Soul Meeting
A6. Gianni Marchetti - Un’Altra Donna

B1. Alessandro Alessandroni - Don Milani | M23
B2. Nico Fidenco - Cugine Mie | M33
B3. Manuel De Sica - Rough
B4. Sandro Brugnolini, Giorgio Carnini - Verso La Droga
B5. Alberto Baldan Bembo, Angelo Arienti - Gideon
B6. Carlo Pes - Bossa Party
B7. Stelvio Cipriani - Poliziotto Senza Paura | Seq. 6

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