Twelve unstoppable deep funk burners from across the Numerosphere. A smorgasbord of sounds from R&B’s dapper younger cousin. Loose guitars and chunky drums lie in wait for discerning break-makers to finely chop and flip. The only funk record you’ll ever need to own.

  • Limited To 400 Copies On Crystal Clear Vinyl

01. Swithold - “Slowburner”
02. Human Race - “Human Race”
03. Village Crusaders - “Akiwawa”
04. Hot Chocolate - “So Dam Funky”
05. Mickey & The Soul Generation - “Iron Leg”
06. Duralcha - “Ghet-To Funk”
01. Harvey & The Phenomenals - “Soul &
02. Sonny Harris - “The Vibration”
03. The Young Senators - “Jungle”
04. Creations Unlimited - “Corruption Is
The Thing”
05. Joyce Williams - “The First Thing I Do
In The Morning”
06. Willie Wright - “Right On For The Darkness”

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