Here we go again with Cosmic Discotheque Vol. 3. After the second volume's Afro-oriented atmospheres, this new chapter will take you right back to the heart of '70s disco funk. A glorious decade made of lots of "cheap" records, obscure B sides, and forgotten or even unreleased instrumental versions. Tons of often ignored and yet stellar studio productions. As for the previous volumes in the series, here are 12 vinyl gems you will love for sure. Features Pop Stars, Epsilon, Hit Machine, Crystal Grass, Springblossom, The Disco Maniax Band, Hot Butter, Captain Dax, The Softones, The Bumpers, Bribosia, and Steve Bender.

A1. Pop Stars - Musique Suspense (1974)
A2. Epsilon - Ayayaya (1976)
A3. Hit Machine - Hit Machine (1976)
A4. Crystal Grass - Crystal World (1974)
A5. Springblossom - Bump (1975)
A6. The Disco Maniax Band - Dance Version (1976)
B1. Hot Butter - Getting Off (1975)
B2. Captain Dax - Dr. Beezar Soul Frankenstein (1976)
B3. The Softones - Bulldog (Dog Power Song) (1977)
B4. The Bumpers - Do the Bump (1975)
B5. Bribosia - Free Move (1976)
B6. Steve Bender - The Final Thing (Instrumental) (1977)

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