Trunk presents Volume Five of the killer Britxotica! series, looking this time at 16 super-rare and brilliantly bonkers Latin and percussive pop cues from the wild British Isles! Britxotica! (pronounced "Britzotica") neatly describes an odd and yet-undocumented pre-Beatles British musical scene where famed UK composers as well as unknown singers and bandleaders threw away convention on holiday and went wild, wild, wild! Put together by Jonny Trunk with DJ/tastemaker and Smashing nightclub legend Martin Green, these groundbreaking new compilations shine a light on lost and forgotten corners of British culture and sound. For Britxotica! Goes Wild!, part five of our planned Britxotica! series we head to lively Latin-tinged dance floors where Brits could cha-cha-cha to the Kirchin band, "Jump In The Line" with Frank Holder and mambo with Ido or Don. This killer collection of British dance obscurities brings us lively sounds from the rarest UK record bins, including this time an amazing cover version of the legendary lounge-core hit "House Of Bamboo" plus the stunning "Jonny One Note" by Ted Heath, the track that originally introduced John Craven's Newsround. To sum up, this is another exciting, wild and occasionally bonkers compilation by Jonny Trunk and Martin Green, two of the UK's most wild record collectors. Also, there are men in underpants on the sleeve, what's not to like? All cues mastered and sequenced by Jon Brooks, aka The Advisory Circle. Also features: Marion Ryan, Chico Arnez, Eve Boswell, Neville Taylor, Tony Scott, Frank Chacksfield, Charles Blackwell, Edmundo Ros, and Victor Silvester.

01. Marion Ryan - The High Life
02. Chico Arnez - Vamos a Baila
03. Ted Heath - Jonny One Note
04. Eve Boswell - Wimoweh
05. Neville Taylor - House Of Bamboo
06. Tony Scott - Baia
07. Frank Holder - Jump In The Line
08. Ido Martin - Mambo For Latin Lovers
09. Frank Chacksfield - Fanagalo (feat. Frank Holder)
10. Charles Blackwell - Taboo
11. Eve Boswell - Voom-va- voom
12. Don Carlos - Crazy Latin
13. Edmundo Ros - Vaba-Ba-Boom
14. Victor Silvester - Boliviana
15. Don Carlos - Don's Mambo
16. Basil and Ivor Kirchin - The High Life (feat. Toni Sharpe)

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