Following the incredible (and successful) compilation Taiwan Disco, the master minds behind Aberrant Records present this delicious record. Subtitled Disco Divas, Funky Queens and Psych Ladies from Asia from the 70s to the Early 90s you don't have to take a wild guess to figure out what you'll find here, a treasure trove filled with exotic jewels from Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and South Korea, from Asian funk to psych-tinged awesomeness, disco madness and much more. Features Chailai & Sawanee, Chantana Kittiyapan, Lei Si Si, Ding Dai, Yasmin, Wong Foong Foong, XYZ, Fatimah Razak, Chen Qiong Mei, Sum Sum & Pan Pan, Grace Simon, and Hit Girls.

A1. Chailai & Sawanee - ไฉไล ไชยทา & ศวรรณี พัฒนะ - ปลอบใจ (Thailand 1979)
A2. Chantana Kittiyapan - สบายโก้ (Thailand 1979)
A3. Lei Si Si - 雷絲絲 - 不要圈圈 (Taiwan 1976)
A4. Ding Dai - 丁黛 - 西北雨 (Taiwan 1975)
A5. Yasmin - Hati Yang Sepi (Malaysia 1981)
A6. Wong Foong Foong - 黃鳳鳳 - 愛的時候 (Singapore 1978)
B1. XYZ - เฮฮาสามัคคี (Thailand 1990)
B2. Fatimah Razak - Dahaga (Malaysia 1974)
B3. Chen Qiong Mei - 陳瓊美 - 誰説我是個儍姑娘 (Taiwan 1970)
B4. Sum Sum & Pan Pan - 森森 & 斑斑 - 青春舞曲 (Hong Kong 1977)
B5. Grace Simon - Hanya semalam (Indonesia 1976)
B6. Hit Girls - 그녀들 - 지나버렸네 (South Korea 1981)

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