High quality matte 3mm spine jacket with inside black flood and UV spot gloss finish for that extra pop. The vinyl audio has been remastered at Mammoth Sound by Dan Randall (former Foley mixer at the legendary Skywalker Sound).

Finally making its debut on the vinyl format (let alone ANY format) 2015's "The Darkening of Valinor" by THANGORODRIM was previously briefly released for a moment digitally and then wiped... until now! It's existence for many years only existed in rumblings of underground message boards, heard only by the rare few who managed to download the audio before it was deleted. This demo is the true "first" Thangorodrim recording and is comprised of 5 tracks of Tolkien inspired old school dungeon synth. This recording sees Thangorodrim use a lot more vocal effects and black metal style screams than on any recording since! Whether you are a completist or new to the genre, you would be well suited to add this rare recording to your collection. This LP edition is unlikely to ever be pressed again.

  • Limited to 200 copies on 140g black vinyl

01. Utumno 04:24
02. Hyarmentir 08:26
03. Ezellohar 03:37
04. Avaþar 05:43
05. Aldudénië 08:19

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