Ruud Lekx, with his wife Shaunna on vocals, returns to Bordello A Parigi. Following The Kill and From Ritual to Reason, Rude 66 delivers Resurrection; a four tracker brimming with his trademark touch. The title piece is a devilish vocoder incantation. Beats bite as Shaunna's thickly modulated voice rasps through bending distortion that bears the unmistakable 66 mark. Lyrics are sidelined for “The Curse”. Drum and dreamscape combine in this synthesizer spell, blackened shades blending with light tones in this heady brew. This balance is something Lekx achieves time and again in his productions. He once more finds this sense of equilibrium with the stained disco darkness of “The Sleepers”. Lurking, stalking, the track counters an innocent playful melody with undercurrents that throb with menace. That menace comes to the fore with “The Luciferians”. A bare anthem of anti pop, a celebration of prowling, murderous intent plays to steady pulse and stripped melody. Brooding brilliance from a master of dutch electronics.

  • Silver/Clear Colored Vinyl

01. Resurrection
02. The Curse
03. The Sleepers
04. The Luciferians (LISTEN)

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