Vinyl Lovers present a reissue of Roky Erickson's The Holiday Inn Tapes, originally released in 1987. This is the one and only Rocky Erickson caught live on December 1, 1986 at the Holiday Inn Red River in hometown Austin, TX. A deep and intimate acoustic set with the singer and guitarist going through a varied track list including a couple of Buddy Holly classics, traditional folk tunes and the Elevators' "May the Circle Remain Unbroken". A must have for any fan of the late "psychedelic" icon.

  • 2019 repress

A1. The Singing Grandfather
A2. The Times I've Had
A3. That's My Song
A4. True Love Ways
A5. Peggy Sue Got Married
A6. Mighty Is Our Love
A7. I Look At The Moon
B1. Don't Slander Me
B2. May The Circle Remain Unbroken
B3. The Singing Grandfather (Reprise)
B4. Mine Mine Mind
B5. Click Your Fingers Applauding The Play
B6. Two-Headed Dog
B7. I Have Always Been Here Before

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