Debut director Coralie Fargeat announces her stunning arrival, painting a crimson canvas of hypnotic beauty and bloody retribution in this razor-sharp feminist subversion of the revenge-thriller.

The score by ROB (Maniac, Horns, Campfire Creepers) is an equally intense tour de force mixing traditional horror synth tropes alongside techno, brooding ambience and an almost industrial style assaults on your senses. He manages to deliver something that is brutal yet beautiful, unsettling yet melodic and ultimately masterful that proves he is working on a different level to almost every composer using synthesis today.

  • 2xLP Set featuring one sand and one blood red color discs
  • Artwork by Sara Deck.
  • Includes a download of the entire score.
  • Soundtrack by ROB (member of Phoenix)

01. Apple Bikini
02. Casbah Part 1
03. Casbah Part
04. Cave
05. Duel
06. Eagle Hero
07. Eagle Soul
08. In The Eye
09. Jen In The River
10. Naked Man
11. Peyotll
12. Rape Part 1
13. Rape Part 2
14. Rape Part
15. Revenge
16. Revenge Pad
17. Revenge Slowpads
18. Tree Of Death
19. Venom
20. Woman Hero

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