WRWTFWW Records announce the first ever release of Richard Band's full uncut soundtrack for cult horror comedy classic Ghoulies (1985). One of the most sought-after soundtracks from horror/sci-fi/fantasy film scoring master Richard Band, Ghoulies is finally getting the full official release it deserves. Packed with 16 tracks, plus two bonuses by Fela Johnson (including the fan-favorite "Dancing with a Monster", a true disco-monster!), it beautifully flows, covering all aspects of '80s B-movie horror music, from eerie vibes to palpable tension, full on satanic darkness, epic momentums, and just the right amount of wackiness. Band has a true talent for subtle tones and precise moods, fully capable of taking you on an uninterrupted magical ride/listening experience -- one that feels like a trip to a 1985 video store and a whole world of mysterious treasures to discover! This is released in conjunction with the soundtracks of Empire Pictures' TerrorVision (WRWTFWW 046LTD) and Troll (WRWTFWW 045CD/LTD), also out on WRWTFWW Records. Established by producer and director Charles Band in 1986, Empire Pictures quickly became notorious for the horror-comedy classics made during its brief but legendary lifespan. With wild special effects, outrageous humor and over-the-top horror action, Ghoulies, Troll, and TerrorVision are three of Empire's finest works, and each movie feature an unforgettable score by Charles's award-winning composer brother, Richard Band. Contains liner notes by Richard Band himself.

01. Prologue
02. Main Titles
03. Basement Discovery
04. First Incantation
05. First Ghoulie & Clown Room
06. Jonathan Prepares
07. Bring Forth The Ghoulies
08. In Bed With?Ghoulies
09. Becky is Leaving
10. The Master Returns
11. Bracelet Kill
12. Mr. Dick's Tongue Lashing
13. Short Dudes
14. The Ghoulie Attacks
15. Ghoulies Attack Becky
16. Father & Son Battle & Finale
17. End Titles
18. Organ Track (CD only bonus)
19. Fela Johnson - Dancing with a Monster
20. Fela Johnson - Surrender

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