Still an awesome trip, even 45 years after its original release on cult label Omicron in 1975. A curious blend of tribal rhythms -- with an obvious reference to Polynesian handmade instruments -- electronic counterpoint, and a world jazz feel overall. Could have been easily and influence on Brian Eno and David Byrne's My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts (1981). Research and development!

  • Yellow into green vinyl

A1. Benvenuti All'Isola (3:48)
A2. Sotto Le Palme (3:47)
A3. Canoe (1:56)
A4. Danza Magica (2:11)
A5. Sotto Le Palme (1:55)
A6. Plenilunio (3:15)
A7. Tamburi Di Guerra (1:32)
B1. Benvenuti All'Isola (2:26)
B2. Richiamo Del Golfo (3:11)
B3. Erbe Magiche (2:00)
B4. Plenilunio (3:14)
B5. Pellegrinaggio Al Totem (2:46)
B6. Tamburi Nella Giungla (1:57)
B7. Tamburi Sacri (1:56)
B8. Esorcismi (1:44)

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