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Ti Ho Sposato Per Allegria (1967) is a comedy directed by Luciano Salce, taken from the theatrical play of the same name (1965) by Natalia Ginzburg. A lawyer from a good family, serious, accustomed to a calm and regular life who got married to a indolent and dazed girl with a difficult past a month after meeting her at a party. The story has become a minor classic with each new representation. On both stage and screen the themes of everyday life, and the more complex and existential ones, are addressed. The subtle irony of the work relies on recounting problematic events in a carefree tone: realities such as abortion, death, separation and the couple's incommunicability are underplayed with naturalness. The funny events of the film are commented on by Piero Piccioni's music, published for the first time on vinyl by Musica Per Immagini, with a harmonious tracklist. For this first orchestra rehearsal with the director, which will be followed by other important soundtracks, the composer makes an effective and elegant synthesis: on the one hand he reworks moods and aesthetic intuitions of some previous and happy experiences, while on the other he identifies and anticipates the first bars of that unmistakable sound between bossa nova, funk and lounge nuances that will characterize almost all the production of the '70s. In fact, the Turin-native artist simplifies in a positive sense the articulated harmonic structures that have always distinguished his authorial figure -- where the so-called jazz features are to be considered more than central in the musical texture, as prominent elements of the harmonic syntax -- and he tries a melodic reduction that will make the compositions more-catchy or memorized, but not easier for this. Lightness of spirit and rarefied elegance are the keys of this new Dionysian world.

A1. Ti Ho Sposato Per Allegria - Titles
A2. Shake Drammatico
A3. Organetto E Voce
A4. Happy Shake
A5. Risveglio Felice
A6. Come Un Sogno
A7. Bossa Theme
B1. Strip-tease
B2. Due Amanti
B3. Bossa Shake
B4. Edda Reprise
B5. Organ Blues
B6. Love Mood
B7. Ti Ho Sposato Per Allegria Theme - Piero Piccioni Edit

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