Perseverance Records presents the long awaited official release of the 1980 cult classic PROM NIGHT Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Perseverance worked closely with Carl Zittrer and Paul Zaza to locate and unearth the original masters and all music recorded for the film including unreleased disco songs and score not used in the final production, NEVER heard before anywhere! PROM NIGHT is a 1980 cult classic horror thriller directed by Paul Lynch (RoboCop, Xena: Warrior Princess, Poltergeist: The Legacy, Star Trek: The Next Generation) and stars Jamie Lee Curtis as Kim Hammond and Leslie Nielsen as Mr. Hammond. The movie focuses on four middle school children, Kelly Lynch, Jude Cunningham, Wendy Richards, and Nick McBride who hide the truth of what happened six years ago to ten-year-old Robin Hammond the day her body was found near and abandoned convent. They swore never to tell anyone of how they taunted Robin, backing her into a corner, frightened, when falling to her death while standing on a window ledge. But on that day, six years ago, someone else was there, watching, and now seeks revenge on prom night! I remember seeing PROM NIGHT during its release in 1980, when disco was still the craze. I was determined to obtain a copy of the soundtrack and to play the theme song at my senior prom only to find that it was never released. I spent years looking at the audiophile catalog at Tower Records hoping to find a release date but no luck. Now, after almost 40 years, my dream has now become a reality!! Fans alike are now able to enjoy the soundtrack!! - Silvio Barretta, Producer

  • Contains SIX original disco songs written for the movie that were not used in the final cut. NEVER heard before!
  • Original cover art by Max Spragovsky

01. Opening
02. Killer's Call List
03. Tearing Up the Yearbook
04. Beach Flashback
05. Prom Night Cello Theme
06. Killer Tension
07. Prom Night Suspense Theme
08. Piano Theme
09. Dancin' in the Moonlight
10. Love Me Till I Die
11. Tonight is Prom Night
12. Changes
13. Time to Turn Around
14. Fade to Black
15. Prom Night (Not used in Film)
16. Love Theme (Not used in Film)
17. Disco Out the Back Door (not used in Film)
18. You Can Be What You Want To Be
19. Another Disco Funk Track
20. Funk Dat Disco (Not used in Film)
21. Burnin' With Desire (Not used in film)
22. Hallway Chase (Not used in film)
23. Haunting Robin (Not used in film)
24. Calm Before the Storm (Not used in film)
25. Caught in the Web (Not used in film)
26. Eerie (Not used in film)
27. Escape (Not used in film)
28. Hunted (Not used in film)
29. Lurking (Not used in film)
30. Quivering (Not used in film)
31. Trapped (Not used in film)
32. Who's There' (Not used in film)
33. Vertigo (Not used in film)
34. Waiting (Not used in film)
35. Mystery Build (Not used in film)

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