Library Sounds was originally released in 2017 on limited edition cassette by OTA (Portugal). 50 hand-drawn and unique cassette covers were designed by Fernando Brito and the tape has long since been out of print.

Almost two years since the tape dropped, Castles in Space of the UK will be releasing a deluxe blue vinyl edition of "Library Sounds".

Presented as an eight track LP with an accompanying twelve track download which is included with the LP.

A collection of ambient desert soundscapes, slowburn mind meditations and motorik cacophonies. The long awaited CiS018.

The album provides a soundtrack to lazy hazy afternoons falling asleep in a car during never ending cross country road trips.

There is a wonderful, woozy precision to the construction of these pieces, which are intended as sonic backgrounds for film, radio and television. But you might just be able to utilise them as a soundtrack for life.

"Synthish, vibey music for you to enjoy in the background, but we reckon it more than warrants foreground listening too." Norman Records.

Housed in a beautiful sleeve by Bristol based designer, Graeme Swinton.

01. Cultural Pollution 05:13
02. Mesa 03:31
03. Plains 05:45
04. Trek 03:48
05. Midnight 05:20
06. Transport 07:55
07. Arroyo 03:23
08. Theory 04:56
09. Plains II 03:37
10. Parcel 03:17
11. Wish Death 05:12
12. Final Death 04:15

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