Outer Space return with Gemini Suite, their first new material since 2014's Phantom Center, released on Editions Mego (EMEGO 196EP). Similar to Brian Eno's Discreet Music (1975) wherein he focused more on an ambient sound than on previous records, Gemini Suite finds the core duo of John Elliott and Drew Veres focusing more on the ambient side of Outer Space while still maintaining and producing their distinct alluring synth sound. Gemini Suite is one long beautiful lush thirty minute piece split over two sides complete with chirping birds and crashing waves fit for late night meditations and long drives on I-71. Highly recommended for fans of Imaginary Softwoods's The Path of Spectrolite (AICD 003CD), previously released by Amethyst Sunset in 2011.

Side A
01. Gemini Suite Side A 17:52 listen
Side B
02. Gemini Suite Side B 18:47

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