Divine Comedy bassist Simon Little reboots his electronic musician
alter ego Monochrome Echo, for an album of sci-fi inspired soundscapes

Fans of Air’s classic Moon Safari and electronic-era Talk Talk are directed to Moonkeeper Exodus, the new album of soundtrack inspired instrumentals from Monochrome Echo, the solo electronica project of Simon Little, bass player for a range of diverse artists including the Divine Comedy’s current line up.

Bringing some of that band’s sense of melody and mellifluousness to his direct musical sequel to 2020’s ‘Moonkeeper’, this release – also on Spun Out Of Control – is inspired by a self-penned tale of space refugees feeling an unseen menace.

New album ‘Moonkeeper Exodus’ is available across two different cassette shell options, plus digital download. Choose from ‘Booster Fire Red’, a translucent deep red with black liner, or ‘Space Ice Blue’ frosted effect shell.

Featuring exclusively commissioned cover and inner panel artwork by Eric Adrian Lee, a download card is included with all retail purchases.

“Tangerine Dream cosmic vibes and electro ballads of the highest order… Moonkeeper Exodus builds on the promise of Moonkeeper with a heavier, more emotionally rich sonic exploration.” Complex Distractions blog.

  • Limited Edition Cassette: Booster Fire Red

01. Lost Transmissions 04:00
02. Earthbound 03:52
03. Crossing The Void 06:21
04. We Are Not Alone 04:49
05. Reconnaissance 05:28
06. A Message From Mars 03:44
07. Deimos Division 04:02
08. Empty Vessel 03:05
09. Interception 03:13
10. The Proclamation 03:39
11. A Final Stand 04:19
12. Moonkeeper Exodus 03:55

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