One of the favorite DS albums to play at the OoS compound. This is a Celtic fantasy tale written, recorded and produced by Matteo Brusa during 2015-2016 with Layout by Dan Capp.

Fantastically triumphant and regal dungeon synth from Italy.

Limited to 200 with 5 panel j-card. Gold shells with purple ink print on both sides.

01. Hail the High King 04:28
02. Land of the Ancestors 06:52
03. A Dove among Serpents 05:48
04. Wisdom and Fear 05:44
05. The Pyre of Gods 06:09
06. Summon the Clans 06:14
07. The Chieftains' Last Ride 09:16
08. A Song for the Exiled 08:18

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