The five-volume project by the guitarist/founder of Calibro 35 continues. Massimo Martellotta, after having dedicated himself to the synths, the prepared piano (CNMM 002LP, 2018), and the symphonic orchestrations (CNMM 003LP, 2018), address the fourth chapter of the One Man Sessions series to the guitar with minimal drum grooves and analog brushstrokes. The title Underwater immediately clarifies the dreamy atmosphere and surfacing the passion for soundtracks and library music with experimentation, accompanying the listener on an amniotic journey amid the feeling of abandonment and vigilance that it is when you dive.

A1. Archimede's Principle
A2. Pressure Test
A3. Apnea N.1
A4. Twilight Zone
B1. Thalmann Algorithm
B2. Apnea N.2
B3. Apnea N.3
B4. Black Out Syndrome

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