With a day job in sound design for video games and computer graphics, it makes perfect sense that electronic musician Martyn Stonehouse’s latest album should be about a spaceship’s strangely maternal computer system going on the fritz and conducting neurological experiments on ‘her’ human cargo.

Inspired by the short stories of Philip K. Dick and the legends of Greek Mythology, Complete Logistics And Research Automation – or CLARA for short – finds Stonehouse deploying darkly sinister synth workouts, seductive arpeggios and cinematic piano sequences to illustrate his ambitiously far-reaching musical tale of deep space shenanigans.

Presented as a limited edition of 200 cassettes on Spun Out Of Control, split between ‘Deep Space Blue’ and ‘Orion On Fire’ orange translucent tape shells, a download card is included with all retail purchases. Cover and inner panel artwork by Eric Adrian Lee.

“Martyn Stonehouse brings an epic quality to this 2001-esque tale of computer systems gone psycho.” Electronic Sound magazine.

Strictly limited edition tape release of 'CLARA' by Martyn Stonehouse, with double-sided inlay artwork by Eric Adrian Lee. Translucent blue cassette to match the cosmic cover art.

  • Limited Edition Cassette: Deep Space Blue

01. Signals 01:59
02. Docking Procedure 02:24
03. Airlock Apprehension 02:38
04. Cutting Tools 02:23
05. Drift Abandon 01:37
06. Uplink Part 1 (Control Systems) 03:32
07. Pods 04:11
08. The Ersatz Moon 01:44
09. Low Orbit, Lower Decks 03:21
10. The Terminal 02:11
11. Uplink Part 2 (Surrogacy Subroutines) 02:42
12. Complete Logistics And Research Automation 04:12
13. Separation Anxiety 03:21
14. What Happened Here 00:53
15. Ignition Protocol (End Credits) 02:27

'CLARA' - (Complete Logistics And Research Automation) a fully autonomous scientific research station tasked with studying and transporting a large suspended populous across vast distances in space.

CLARA is discovered adrift in low orbit around Amalthea, Jupiter's fifth moon, all non-critical systems have been suspended, and no contact can be established.

A research team is dispatched to investigate the station and its important cargo, which left Terra over 5 years ago. After successfully gaining entry through a maintenance airlock, the team discovers the remaining human population have been subjected to a number of experimental neuroscience procedures during suspended animation.

As events unfold, it becomes clear that CLARA is critically unstable
and highly possessive of her human cargo... an unnerving maternal connection that must be severed in order to preserve the countless lives onboard.


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