Dagored present a reissue of Manuel De Sica's score for the 1972 film Sette Scialli Di Seta Gialla ("The Crimes of the Black Cat"). First vinyl edition. For this crazy Italian thriller directed by Sergio Pastore, Manuel De Sica, son of the Italian neorealism legendary director Vittorio De Sica and student under the great neo-avant garde composer Bruno Maderna, composed a catchy soundtrack which range from romantic melodies to psychedelic pop and bossa nova, mixing together '60s lounge, jazz-funk guitars, and strings dissonance.

  • Color vinyl; Edition of 500

A1. Yellow Silk
A2. Black Silk
A3. Sylva Bossa
A4. Poisoned Claws
A5. Ragtime Atelier
A6. Homicidal Fury
A7. Yellow Silk
B1. Bossa Atelier
B2. Another Aggression
B3. Circus Waltz
B4. The Next Victim
B5. Pop Atelier
B6. A Shadow In The Dark
B7. Sylva Bossa
B8. The Murderer's Face
B9. Yellow Silk

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