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"Thirteen sonic sigils rendered with gently evocative electronics and beguiling melody. These works are sensual and strangely powerful; they glow with soft focus evening light. Dream-like reveries are suddenly stirred into life with analogue rhythms that shuffle and shimmer like summer rain or swirling dust clouds. Kyron is equally adept in composition, sound design, production and magic. Portugal’s Hidden Reverse"

  • Limited 180g marble vinyl

01. Youth Unmasks 03:44
02. Stealing The Fire From Heaven 03:41
03. Zos Kia 03:24
04. The Allegory I 02:37
05. Blindness Unmasked 02:46
06. The Allegory II 02:36
07. The Feast Of The Supersensualists 03:22
08. The Dwellers At The Gate Of Silent Memory 03:56
09. The Allegory III 01:44
10. Intemperance 01:41
11. Monograms Of Thought 02:53
12. Re-remembering 02:13
13. Vision Through The Sense Of Touch 02:19

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