This highly sought-after classic has now returned for a third re-run, showcasing the talents of young Estonian trumpeter Jaan Kuuman and his esteemed instrumental ensemble. Recorded in the early to mid-seventies this compilation features a masterful blend of tight jazz-funk rhythms, infused with a dramatic flair and irresistible hooks that will leave listeners yearning for more. Stock fly fast on this one.

A1. Globus = Gloobus 6:09
A2. Terminus = Lõpp-peatus 6:19
A3. Wives And Lovers = Väike Tüdruk 4:53
B1. Hey Boys, Try Harder! = Hei, Poisid, Pingutage! 6:02
B2. Contrasts = Kontrastid 3:56
B3. Wheels = Ratastel 4:18
B4. Caprice = Kapriis (Džässisüidist Nr. 4) 3:52

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