Going into an Ivan The Tolerable album it's best to expect the unexpected. His music swings and swerves from psychedelic flights of fancy to free jazz explorations to cosmic drone swirls, sometimes all in the same song. An Ivan The Tolerable album is a journey that is visceral, expressionistic, and full of heady intentions.

Time Is A Grave, the latest from Ivan The Tolerable(aka Oli Heffernan), owes as much a debt to Bobby Hutcherson and Joel Ross as it does to Boris and William Basinski. This is an album that's as exploratory, dense, and ethereal as anything he's done before. From the symphonic opening notes of "Felt" to the Krautrock via Blue Note headiness of "Cedars" to the vibes-heavy "Down The Valley", Ivan The Tolerable sets about creating a sound experience. Time Is A Grave is as eloquent as it is dizzying.

  • 180gm Gold vinyl

A1. Felt
A2. Cedars
A3. Fragments
A4. In The Dry
A5. Time Again
B1. Poole Hospital
B2. Sleepwalking
B3. Time Is A Grave
B4. Down The Valley
B5. The Light Bends In

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