Recorded live using a modular synth and some old late 70’s early 80’s reverbs, delays and drum machines, all with no overdubs.The album exudes influences of the Banshees, Joy Division, Magazine and post punk, whilst adding elements of experimentation, a touch of dub, and a smidge of synthpop. Full of buzzing drones, beats and oscillator fuzz.

  • Moon-White Water Limited White Vinyl
  • Includes insert print and download card
  • Art by Hauntlove

01. The Raven's Head 03:33
02. Sea of Space 03:43
03. Salt Fire 04:11
04. Luna Still 03:55
05. Moon-White Water 02:47
06. Year Of The Ancients 03:27
07. Into The Hill 03:58
08. Under The Still Lake 03:50
09. Alchemical Travelogue 07:47

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