After a hard-fought victory against the Ice Golem, he has been resurrected by the Elder Frost Magicians, now twice as powerful as he once was. But, ancient scrolls foretold of a mystical Flamespear in a cave to the South that is capable of defeating the now-twice-as-strong-as-before Ice Golem. Will our heroes be able to acquire the mystical Flamespear and defeat the Ice Golem once and for all?

Inspired by classic Sega Genesis soundtracks.

Pro-Tape limited to 150 copies, with 3 panel j-card and full on-body shell printing.

01. Entering the Cave (Adventure Start) 04:41
02. Searching For the Eternal Flamespear 03:50
03. Goblins Momentarily Halt Your Search 03:02
04. The Altar of the Eternal Flamespear...Unguarded? 04:10
05. Flamespear Acquired! 00:13
06. What Was That? 00:18
07. Oh. A Giant Boulder Rolling Towards Us. RUN!!! 01:17
08. Cave Spiders Appear From the Shadows 02:51
09. Let's Get Out of Here 03:51
10. The Cave Guardian Appears and Blocks Your Exit/Final Battle 06:08
11. You Win!!! 00:56
12. Rest Well, Heroes, For Your Adventure Is Not Yet Over (Pleasant Dreams). 03:40

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