Cinevox Record, in collaboration with Pick Up Records and Beat Records, present the CD featuring the original soundtrack of Squadra Antigangsters, composed by Goblin, the fifth movie with Tomas Milian in the role of commissioner Nico Giraldi. At the time speaking Cinevox released an album with eight cues, included two songs singed by Asha Puthli that bring the listener into late '70s American discotheques. Goblin (Fabio Pignatelli, Claudio Simonetti, Agostino Marangolo, and Carlo Pennisi) composed a brilliant OST, with different styles. This new edition on CD has been remastered and includes the original album program and the three bonus tracks already featured in the preceding version, booklet has been structured with a double cover featuring the two original posters of the movie. Digital remastering by Claudio Fuiano. Liner notes by Roberto Attanasio and Fabio Capuzzo. Graphic design by Daniele De Gemini.

01. The Whip (4:10)
02. The Sound Of Money (4:02)
03. Banoon (4:05)
04. Stunt Cars (4:01)
05. Welcome To The Boogie (3:51)
06. Trumpet's Flight (3:28)
07. Sicilian Samba (3:17)
08. Disco China (3:53)
09. Squadra Antigangsters (Movie take 1) (1:33)
10. Squadra Antigangsters (Movie take 2) (1:09)
11. Trumpet's Flight (Alternate Version) (3:28)

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