A new world premiere: the original soundtrack of the cult movie NAPOLI VIOLENTA composed by Maestro Franco Micalizzi.

More than 50 minutes of instrumental and vocal music, included A MAN BEFORE YOUR TIME performed by Bulldog and TIRA ¿A REZZA OJ PISCATORE by the soloist RAUL.

A genial score by the Maestro where Funk and Folk mix in a brilliant orchestration created with all the thypical arrangements of the gorgeous 70s!

  • First time on vinyl
  • 500 Hand-Numbered
  • First 200 on Red Transparent Vinyl

A1. Welcome To Napoli 0:50
A2. Folk And Violence 2:24
A3. Crime Outcome 0:30
A4. The Violent Face 1:33
A5. Fire In The Garage 2:48
A6. Ten Minutes To One 2:35
A7. Naples' Alley 1:40
A8. Rush For A Sign 2:42
A9. Get Down The Train 1:43
A10. I Won't Say It 0:46
A11. A Man Before Your Time (Instrumental) 3:38
B1. Tira 'A Rezza, Oj Piscatore 3:22
B2. Targeting A Killer 1:30
B3. Looking For Capuano 1:13
B4. Bitter Success 0:34
B5. Useless Waiting 0:45
B6. Trap And Death 1:45
B7. The Giant Is Dead 1:06
B8. Thus Ended The General 1:09
B9. Get Back To Fight 1:06
B10. A Man Before Your Time (Vocal) 3:53

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