2020 repress. 180 gram vinyl. Dagored present Ennio Morricone's famous soundtrack composed for the 1971 Franco Rubartelli documentary Veruschka, Poesia Di Una Donna. The documentary was about the legendary Veruschka, the world's first supermodel and '60s/'70s icon, who appeared in several cult movies including Blow Up (1966), Salome (1972) and Couleur Chair (1978). In Rubartelli's movie, the viewer follows the beautiful model in a shockingly surreal journey through the rural countryside of Italy on a downward spiral of self-discovery that leads her through so many whacked out head trips; heavily dark and sad with some of the most stunning psychedelic eye candy you can find from the freak-out era of filmmaking, perfectly tuned with one of Ennio Morricone's best scores. A true one kind of experience.

A1. Veruschka
A2. Intervallo I
A3. La Bambola
A4. Astratto I
B1. La Spiaggia
B2. Dopo L'Intervista
B3. Poesia Di Donna
B4. Le Fotograie
B5. La Bambola (#2)

C1. Intervallo II
C2. Magia
C3. Astratto III
C4. Veruschka (#2)
C5. Astratto II
C6. Veruschka (#3)
C7. Astratto IV
C8. La Bambola (#3)
D1. Astratto V
D2. Poesia Di Donna (#2)
D3. La Spiaggia (#2)
D4. Astratto VI
D5. Poesia Di Donna (#3)
D6. La Bambola (#4)
D7. Veruschka (#4)

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