Revolver is one the finest Ennio Morricone thriller scores, composed in 1973 for Sergio Sollima's great 1973 giallo film. No sweeping themes, no quirky effects, no dissonant sounds -- just simple ideas, executed to perfection. Contains "Un Amico," the beautiful theme heard in Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds (2009); and the masterpiece "Revolver," a 13-minute action piece that dazzles with its brilliance. Incredibly tense dramatic action music of the highest caliber. Includes a performance by Daniel Beretta. This reissue is pressed on white-and-red splatter vinyl, includes extra tracks, and is limited to 500 copies.

A1. Un Amico (titoli)
A2. Revolver
A3. Anna
A4. Un Amico sung by Daniel Beretta
A5. Quasi Un Vivaldi
A6. Pericolo Per Anna
B1. Inseguimento e Fuga
B2. In Un Bar
B3. Rapimento
B4. In Un Altro Bar
B5. Un Amico (synth version)
B6. Revolver (Suspense)
B7. Anna (#2)
B8. Inseguimento e Fuga (#2)
B9. Rapimento (#2)
B10. In Un Altro Bar (#3)

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