2020 repress. 180 gram vinyl. A tight, atmospheric, and pretty damn funky soundtrack composed by the maestro Ennio Morricone for the 1970 crime-drama Città violenta (released in the USA as The Family in 1973), starring the mighty Charles Bronson and directed by Sergio Sollima. Another hard-hitting score by Morricone with quite a dark mood, flowing from the dramatic to psychedelic along with a touch of funkiness. The famous "Città violenta" track, the score's main theme, is celebrated as one of Morricone's most iconic themes.

A1. Città violenta
A2. Rito finale
A3. Mille volte un grido
A4. Città violenta (#2)
A5. Momento estremo
A6. Con estrema dolcezza
A7. Svolta definitiva
A8. Norme con ironie
A9. Riflessione
B1. Disperatamente
B2. Rito finale (#2)
B3. Con estrema dolcezza (#2)
B4. Rito finale (#3)
B5. Città violenta (#3)
B6. Dolcemente acre
B7. Sospensione sovrapposta
B8. A Caissa
B9. Con estrema dolcezza (#3)
B10. Riassunto

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