January 1980. 

Carolyn Ashton and her daughter, Gwen, are new arrivals in Greenwood, in search of a fresh start. Carolyn has sunk all her savings into the ancient cottage at Lowe Farm, where she and Gwen plan to live happily ever after. All they need is a few months to get the place straight. A few months renting the upstairs rooms at Lowe Hall - a 12th-century manor house now converted into a pub. But this is a place where history is reluctant to stay buried. Where things left behind, things best forgotten, have a habit of resurfacing. Like a predator scenting prey, the past is on their trail. And it's hungry for blood.

  • Deluxe Edition Gatefold Vinyl

1. WOLF part 1 04:50
2. WOLF part 2 04:01
3. WOLF part 3 04:02
4. WOLF part 4 01:56
5. It Was Late 02:01
6. Lowe Hall Theme 03:47
7. Tale Of The Aviary 04:04
8. The Words Died 01:06
9. Out Of The Fog 02:47
10. End Credits 01:57

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