The hypnotica transmissions of Jungle Gym exec Caleb Draves encompass every terrain and trance-state, from equatorial drone to aquatic miasma to stardust murmur, divined as much as designed from fluctuating wooden floor gear assemblages: software, FX, keys, miked ephemera. Earth Mirage collects 11 of his most recent and revelatory rippling ecosystems to paint an expansive panorama of the Dravier dimension, high and low and longform, alternately windswept, psychic, and subterranean. Elements of gamelan, hand percussion, synthesizer, rainstick, and field recording ebb and echo and decay in opaque symmetries, like tarot symbols scrawled in smoke on cave walls.

A limited selection of these tracks appeared previously on Jungle Gym or its sister division Tourist, but in altered form; the rest are fresh additions to Draves' deepening discography. Totaling a full hour, this is as close to a definitive work as the project has yet ventured, a gallery of masks and mirages, for earths both future and forgotten.

01. A Glass Steam Bath
02. Palm Dance
03.. Soaring View
04. Awakening
05. Shadow Brushes
06. Sub Rosa Grotto
07. Coral
08. Echo Dance
09. Fractals
10. The Falls
11. Fisheye

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