More sonic electro infused speaker decimation from Deadly Avenger in a brand new follow up to 2018’s I Am Godzilla You Are Japan. Your God Is Too Small picks up the DA Godzilla story from the very beginning in a prequel to IAGYAJ.

  • Record Store Day Europe / UK 2019 Exclusive Release!
  • Sequel / prequel to DA album I Am Godzilla You Are Japan
  • USA Exclusive Color Version (Blue and Clear)
  • Includes 3D artwork, Insert, glasses, and download card

01. Your God is Too Small
02. A Promise for Kumiko
03. Destroy All Humans
04. SKIT_Legend of Poison Cobra
05. Gunman Omega
06. The Mysterions
07. Tears in a Demons Eye
08. SKIT_Legend of Opal Moon
09. Myuki My Love
10. Phantoms
11. Theme for Hoshino
12. SKIT_Legend of Heavenly Sphere
13. Tokyo S.O.S
14. 7 Genes
15. The Second Death

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