Burning Witches Records are honoured to present the David Julyan score to one of the greatest British horror films ever made – The Descent.

Neil Marshall’s sophomore film, 2005’s The Descent, brought the British filmmaker into Masters of Horror territory (and for good reason). The claustrophobic as hell look at a group of women exploring caves while also coming to terms with internal secrets, untreated trauma and if all of that wasn’t bad enough: cave dwelling creatures, hungry for blood, shocked audiences worldwide and solidified Marshall as a filmmaker to watch out for.

Like the cavernous horror playing out in front of us, composer David Julyan’s score for The Descent engulfs its listener in a claustrophobic yet ethereal atmosphere, easing you in with its beautiful string arrangements, before closing into such dreadfully tight sounds of horror. A combination of symphonic and ambient sounds, Julyan uses his knack for world building, utilising the composer’s ability to combine the classical and the experimental into a cornucopia of mood and tone. – Jerry Smith

  • Released on limited ‘Night Vision’ green vinyl with 3x Lobby card prints
  • Artwork by John J Pearson
  • Mastered by Darren Page
  • Cut at Abbey Road Studios by Alex Gordon

01. Opening
02. White Water Rafting
03. Nightmare In The Hospital
04. The Mountains
05. Drive To The Cave
06. Into The Cavern
07. Down The Pipe
08. The Tunnel Collapses
09. Crossing The Crevasse
10. Cave Paintings
11. Sarah Sees A Crawler
12. The Bone Dam
13. Reunited With Juno
14. Sarah Makes A Torch
15. Sarah Finds Beth
16. The Lair
17. Juno Climbs
18. The Crawlers Attack
19. The Descent
20. Alone

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