Do not let the children listen. Director · Takeshi Kitano, starring · Beat Takeshi. "That man, about berserk" First record making.

"World's Kitano" directed first work "That man, Attacks on berserk" is 45 revolutions, first record in high sound quality weight board. It is influenced greatly from Nouvelberg and it supports the music of this work full of all the origin which continues to the present "Out Rage" series , Kume masterpiece which was active in T - SQUARE.

A1. The theme of my wife (Gnochenne I)
A2. That man, with berserk (end title)
A3. Kiyohiro's Theme
A4. Theme of my wife II
B1. That man, with fierce violence (main theme)
B2. Fear (Gnochenne I)
B3. Intorno All Idol Mio
B4. That man, with a berserk (sax version)

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