The title “TRIADS” has two meanings:
1. A triad is a group of three, and this is album number three
2. Triads can also mean Asian crime syndicates originating from China in the 18th century.

Just like the other albums we are still in the Cyberpunk/Sci-Fi realm - but this time the album has an Asian flavor. The sonic references are Blade Runner (soundtrack), Stranger Things (Soundtrack), John Carpenter and Daft Punk (TRON).

John Bergin has designed the album cover (Stranger Things, DRIVE, Mr. Robot)

Martin is a huge fan of science fiction and cyberpunk - and his main focus is trying to create lots of images in the head of the listener – from drama to suspense to beautiful atmospheres.

  • LP Black Vinyl 12" (incl. free download codes)

Side A
01. Rise of the Triads (Intro)
02. Shinobi
03. Night Train
04. Chinese Dreams
05. The Monk
06. In the Shadows

Side B
07. The Wilderness
08. International Karate
09. Triads
10. Mission Control
11. Silent Runner
12. Tokyo Dawn

This vinyl was mastered to NORDIC DYNAMIC specifications, which ensure more detail and better sound quality through the use of minimum compression and limiters.

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