The Omega Productions Records is thrilled to present the vinyl release of The Red Devil (Le Diable rose • 1988) original motion picture soundtrack composed by Christian Bonneau (also known as Christopher Ried).

Directed in 1987 by Pierre B. Reinhard - famous for Le Pensionnat des petites salopes, first 3-D pornographic film or The Revenge of the Living Dead Girls - The Red Devil is a naughty satire starring Brigitte Lahaie, Roger Carel and Pierre Doris inside a happy French brothel during WWII.

The soundtrack composed by Christian Bonneau - son conductor/composer Paul Bonneau - accompanies the various sketches (mixing eroticism and music hall) of the brothel, thus offering a wide variety of musical styles (orchestral music in the style of the KPM series, bawdy songs, military marches, etc...).

This album also offers some unreleased tracks coming from the studio sessions planned for different cut scenes, as well as all the bawdy songs composed for the film: La petite tâche noire, Adieu, fais-toi Putain and It’s Up to You.

Resulting from a close collaboration between the composer and The Omega Productions Records, this release features:

  • The complete soundtrack composed by Christian Bonneau
  • 150 gram black vinyl
  • Deluxe gatefold jacket
  • French-English liner notes by the composer on a printed insert
  • Collector’s edition strictly limited to 300 copies

A1. Bonsoir ! (00:24)
A2. Romance pour une inconnue (01:27)
A3. La petite tâche noire (01:55)
A4. Adieu, fais-toi putain (02:09)
A5. Keops (00:19)
A6. Coliseum (02:57)
A7. Polkadrille (02:21)
A8. It’s Up to You (02:48)
A9. Nuptial Show (02:21)
A10. Extase (03:13)
B1. Aïli, Aïlo, Aïla (Heidi, Heido, Heida) (01:06)
B2. 1925 (02:44)
B3. La goulue (02:54)
B4. White Horse Waltz (02:06)
B5. Nuptial Show (reprise) (01:38)
B6. Army Parade (01:54)
B7. Armistice (accordéon) (01:44)
B8. Armistice (02:18)
B9. BBC Tymps (00:40)
B10. Victory March (02:53)

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