A dungeon synth album based on the Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer with each song representing a tale from the text, plus the General Prologue. The songs on this album are as diverse as the tales from which they derive, with many different styles and themes being portrayed, such as Gregorian Chant, Medieval Folk, Ambient Drone, epic orchestral pieces, and even classic video game-esque Dungeon Synth sounds. This album takes a long time to get through, but I put many weeks of work into it, and I believe it is worth it. For every listen, there are new things to discover..

All songs written, arranged, recorded, and mixed by Andrew Oliver.

Originally released in 2016 by Out of Season, this reissue is completely repackaged, with beautiful new layout by Christopher Ashley, and remastered audio by Kyle Forest.

With Bandcamp DL card included.

01. General Prologue 03:38
02. The Knight's Tale 12:41
03. The Miller's Tale 11:15
04. The Reeve's Tale 03:41
05. The Cook's Tale 02:42
06. The Man of Law's Tale 17:08
07. The Wife of Bath's Tale 19:14
08. The Friar's Tale 05:04
09. The Summoner's Tale 06:26
10. The Clerk's Tale 07:16
11. The Merchant's Tale 04:27
12. The Squire's Tale 04:23
13. The Franklin's Tale 11:40
14. The Physician's Tale 09:59
15. The Pardoner's Tale 07:35
16. The Shipman's Tale 05:59
17. The Prioress's Tale 10:22
18. Sir Thopas' Tale 05:39
19. The Tale of Melibee 02:44
20. The Monk's Tale 06:03
21. The Nun's Priest's Tale 08:12
22. The Second Nun's Tale 16:43
23. Canon's Yeoman's Tale 10:43
24. The Manciple's Tale 03:08
25. The Parson's Tale 11:47

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