Disco Club is a groundbreaking 1978 EP of experimental electronic disco created by Bernard Fèvre and his collaborator under their tongue-in-cheek aliases Joachim Sherylee and Junior Claristidge. The Aphex Twin-backed Rephlex label notably reworked a handful of Disco Club tracks in 2004, however this is the first ever reissue of the EP in its complete, originally intended sequence. So synonymous is Fèvre's career with this release, he continues to perform internationally as Black Devil Disco Club today. An impossibly rare piece, this edition has been treated to a remaster from the original tapes by Fèvre himself.

01. "H" Friend
02. Timing, Forget The Timing
03. One To Choose
04. We Never Fly Away Again
05. Follow Me (Instrumental)
06. No Regrets

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