Digitmovies release the original soundtrack by Berto Pisano for the film The Shameless Woman. Berto Pisano composed and conducted an OST with a lounge beat and evocative orchestral themes using the wonderfully sexy voice of Edda Dell'Orso, which evoke the sensual/erotic relationship between the adult man and the teen desperate for strong emotions. The main themes are reprised with piano only. The atmosphere of apparent relaxation in the hotel in Ischia is created with pop themes written for Hammond organ and rhythm section. There is also a version with bass flute and a faster version in bossa tempo. The master tape in stereo of a rare promotional soundtrack album was found in the RCA archives. It was released in 1974 under the label Pegaso and contains almost all the recorded music from the film. Directed in 1974 by Giuliano Biagetti, the film stars: Philippe Leroy, Leonora Fani, Barbara Bouchet, Maria Pia Conte, Dante Cleri, Serena Cociani, Filippo De Gara, Pupo De Luca, Dana Ghia, Stefano Amato. Nino Bernardi (De Luca), a factory owner from Milan, goes on holiday to Ischia with his wife Clara (Ghia) and his teenage daughter Ornella (Fani). A depressed writer named Fabio Lorenzi (Leroy), who had been Clara's lover years ago, is staying in the same hotel. Ornella takes an interest in Fabio as she is tired of flirting with boys her own age. She has fun seducing Fabio without ever indulging herself completely. But Fabio's partner Silvia (Bouchet) arrives on the island which causes Ornella to become very jealous.

A1. Orchestra For Edda (3:02)
A2. Piano Dreams (3:56)
A3. Free Hammond (2:49)
A4. Orchestra For Edda (Ii Versione) (3:22)
A5. Sound For A Child (3:40)
B1. Piano Dreams (Ii Versione) (2:05)
B2. Voice In The Night (3:04)
B3. Free Hammond (Ii Versione) (3:16)
B4. Voice In The Night (Ii Versione) (3:00)

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